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D1 Hybrid Drysuit

The same dive, in the same suit, does not always create the same end result for different divers… we are all unique and consequently, we all have different needs.

Waterproof, producer of award winning high quality diving suits and accessories.
Waterproof was established in Göteborg, Sweden 1984.

The most common complaints from drysuit wearers are:

  • stomach, thighs and feet get cold
  • the underwear makes me feel bulky and uncomfortable
  • hating feeling choked by my neck seal
  • problems extracting air from my suit and underwear
  • getting too hot before entering the water, creating sweat inside – then getting cold underwater
  • hard doing the zip up with all the bulky undergarments
  • being damp and cold inside at the end of the dive

Waterproof have been listening to drysuit divers and have come up with the 1st Insulated Constant Volume Drysuit.

25 years after launching their first wetsuit and 3 years of problem solving, material sourcing and intense testing they have revealed the new patented Diving revolution D1 Hybrid.

‘the best solution for any modern diver, no matter where they may be, this comes as close as possible to the perfect drysuit.’