Lembeh September 2015

frogfish Lembeh

Indonesia Lembeh September 2015

This was so good last time that we have to go back. A veritable Muppet show of critters to keep you entertained including frogfish, bobbit worms, ghost pipe fish, ambon scorpianfish, blue ring octopus, coconut octopus, mimic octopus, seahorses, pygmy seahorses, pygmy cuttlefish, pygmy squid, nudibranchs, shrimp, carry crabs, urchins, pipe fish, flat worms, squid, squid eggs, dumpling squid, flamboyant cuttlefish, manderinfish, rhinopias, crabs, squat lobsters, gobies, snake eels, anemones, cardinal fish, parrotfish, trigger fish, coral grouper, pufferfish, sea stars, feather stars, stingrays, filefish, razor fish, jaw fish, christmas tree worms, bat fish, wasp fish, lion fish, hawkfish, electric clam, sponges, ascidians, stone fish, cowries, sea cucumbers, dragonets, fire dart fish…….. and about a gazillion others! Not to forget the day walk through the jungle to see the Tarsier monkeys.

Suunto Free Wireless Transmitter

Free transmitter image

Suunto Free Wireless Transmitter

Check out the details here  Wireless promo

Learn to Dive with Global Dive

If you want to learn to scuba dive, the first step is to do a PADI Open Water Diver course.icon-cold-left
Within a few days, you can be enjoying the underwater world.

We run Open Water dive courses in central Auckland year round. Our courses are run in small groups over three weeks, giving plenty of time for you to become comfortable with diving concepts and to master the necessary skills as an Open Water Diver.

There are two course options to choose from:

Option 1 – Group PADI Open Water course

Training is conducted over a series of classroom and pool sessions, followed by your four open water dives (see our course timetable below).

It is important that as part of your training you dive in a variety of dive conditions. Once certified there are many options as to where you can dive.  This is why we conduct two of your open water dives in fresh water (in a local lake) and two in salt water (at a local marine reserve).

The price of this course is $549.

All of your scuba equipment is supplied, but you will need to supply your own snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and boots). We have packages for mask, snorkel, fins and boots for students enrolled on this course or you can hire them for the duration of your course for just $50!

If you’re busy, or just prefer to study at your own pace, it is now also possible to do the theory part of your open water course online, and join us for the pool and open water dives.

For more information on eLearning – click here

Option 2 – Private PADI Open Water course

If you would prefer to do a private course with your own instructor we can put together a customised training programme to suit your schedule.

  1. Fully private course – private instruction with two of your open water dives conducted in a local lake and two at a local marine reserve  – NZ$1,299 for 1 person, NZ$749 each for 2-3 people, or NZ$649 each for 4 or more people. If you prefer we can also run this course off your own boat.
  2. A part private/part group course – private instruction for your theory and pool sessions and then group instruction for your open water dives. Note that in order to do this option the timing of your open water dives must coincide with our group dive course schedule – NZ$699 for 1-3 people, or NZ$599 for 4 or more people

On completion of your course you will graduate with an internationally recognised PADI Open Water Diver qualification that will enable you to dive the world over.

Before booking any learn to dive course, make sure you have the following questions (on our Frequently Asked Questions page), answered.

Not sure if a full-blown course is for you? Come down to the pool and try scuba with one of our instructors.

Stop putting it off – you know you want to do it!  

Contact us NOW!!!

Why learn to dive with Global Dive?

Open Water Course details

Theory sessions Auckland – Global Dive, 132 Beaumont Street, Westhaven
Pool sessions Auckland – Newmarket Olympic Pool
Dive location Lake Pupuke and Goat Island Marine Reserve
Note: dive locations may change if weather is not suitable
Course schedule Week 1:

  • Tuesday 6pm–9pm – Global Dive shop – Theory
  • Thursday 5.30pm-9.30pm – Newmarket Pools – pool

Week 2:

  • Tuesday 6pm-9pm – Global Dive shop – theory
  • Thursday 5.30pm-9.30pm – Newmarket Pools – pool

Week 3:

  • Tuesday 5.30pm–9.30pm – Newmarket Pools – pool
  • Thursday 6pm-9pm – Global Dive shop – theory
  • Saturday and Sunday – 9am-5pm– open water dives
Price $549
Discount off equipment if you buy a mask, snorkel, fin and boot set from Global Dive 15%. Other gear packages available for students enrolled on this course.
What’s included? Course price includes all your manuals, tuition, scuba unit, wetsuit, and certification fees.
What you need to supply Please bring with you:

  • Swimmers
  • Towel
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins & boots)
  • Your completed diving medical
  • Transport – we can help with car pooling if you don’t have your own

Course timetable


Course start date Pool and Theory sessions Diving
30 September 2014 Tues 30 September – 6pm-9pm
Thurs 2 October – 6pm-9pm
Tues 7 October – 6pm-9pm
Thurs 9 October – 6pm-9pm
Tues 14 October – 6pm-9pm
Thurs 16 October – 6pm-9pm
Sat 18 and Sun 19 October – 9am–5pm
6 October 2014
School Holidays Course

Mon 6 October – 9am-5pm
Tues 7 October - 9am-5pm
Wed 8 October - 9am-5pm
Thurs 9 and Fri 10 October - 9am-5pm
21 October 2014 Tues 21 October – 6pm-9pm
Thurs 23 October – 6pm-9pm
Tues 28 October – 6pm-9pm
Thurs 30 October – 6pm-9pm
Tues 4 November – 6pm-9pm
Thurs 6 November – 6pm-9pm
Sat 8 and Sun 9 November – 9am–5pm
New Course Timetable New Course Timetable New Course Timetable
15 November 2014 Sat 15 November 9am-5pm
Tues 18 November
Thurs 20 November 5.30pm-9.30pm
Sat 22 and Sun 23 November – 9am-5pm
29 November 2014 Sat 29 November 9am-5pm
Tues 2 December
Thurs 4 December 5.30pm-9.30pm
Sat 6 and Sun 7 December – 9am-5pm
13 December 2014 Sat 13 December 9am-5pm
Tues 16 December
Thurs 18 December 5.30pm-9.30pm
Sat 20 and Sun 21 December – 9am-5pm

Booking conditions

  1. To book on to a dive course we ask for a $150 deposit. We also need your contact details.
  2. Your deposit is non-refundable unless you fail your medical AND give us sufficient notice (see below).
  3. The balance of your course is due when you start your dive course.
  4. You must complete a dive medical statement before we can allow you to do your open water dives. This may indicate the need for you to complete a dive medical by a physician prior to any in water training. It does not need to be from a New Zealand based physician, but must be on the prescribed diving medical form – which can be downloaded by clicking here-  PADI Medical Statement.
  5. If after booking your dive course and paying your deposit you fail a dive medical (i.e. you are found to have a medical condition that will prevent you from diving) then we will happily provide you with a refund, but you must give us at least 48 hours notice prior to the scheduled start of your dive course and provide us with a copy of your physician’s medical statement. Once you start your dive course, or if you advise us less than 48 hours before the start of your dive course, we are unable to provide refunds for failed medicals or other reasons.
  6. If you miss a session or are late for your course you may need to do a catch-up session. Extra charges may apply.
  7. If after you have booked or started a course you need to change your course dates, please speak with us as early as possible so we can try and accommodate your request.

Recreational Dive Courses

Intova Sport Pro HD II video and stills camera

Intova Sport Pro HD II video and stills camera

As technology progresses, the performance of video cameras has increased massively. The latest breakthrough is size, with several High Definition cameras coming out in smaller packages. The early systems were amazing for getting interesting perspectives in many adventure sports but until recently, underwater housings were the most limited area, as most of the systems were designed […]

BARE XCS2 Tech Dry Drysuit

BARE XCS2 Tech Dry Drysuit

Product Review – BARE XCS2 Tech Dry drysuit. Review by Andrew Simpson BARE have been making drysuits for over 40 years now, in that time they have built a reputation for producing high performance, class leading models using advanced materials. One of the models that Global Dive have lots of experience with is the XCD2, […]

Fourth Element Changing Mat

Fourth Element Changing Mat

A generously sized changing mat that is useful in so many environments. This super tough changing mat bi-folds down to allow it to be stored in your drysuit or dive bag for easy transportation. Pull it out wherever you are to avoid getting your feet wet or dirty.  Use it on sand, gravel, mud, dirt […]

Ikelite Gamma Torch

Ikelite Gamma Torch

This is a great looking torch from Ikelite. Comfortable in the hand and very easy to carry either by a wrist lanyard or bolt snap & bungy to your BCD shoulder strap. Aluminium housing with no slip contour grip and a smooth body contour to avoid snagging when getting in and out of pockets or […]

Fourth Element Drybase Briefs

Fourth Element Drybase Briefs

Fourth Element have been Global Dives first choice for warm undergarments for many years and this latest addition to their range is a testament to why. Drybase underpants!! You will hear us going on about these underpants (Andrew will even show you his if hes wearing them) for good reason – they are awesome. These […]

Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

The Suunto D4i dive computer has a great new look with the introduction of the latest version – the D4i Novo. This has a new silicone strap  in a variety of colours and Global Dive can offer it with a wireless transmitter as standard. Not only does this dive computer have all the usual functions […]

Recsea Housing for Sony RX-100 MkIII

Recsea Housing for Sony RX-100 MkIII

New housing from Recsea for this just released addition to the very popular RX-100 family. The Mark III version has a slightly wider lens which should make the RX-100 remain at the top of its category. The Recsea housing is rated to 100m and the main body back cover and lens port are all made […]