Fiji July 2015

Fiji 2015

BULA! Fiji with Global Dive July 2015

This is a dive destination so good we return every year.

Check out the details for 2015′s trip.

Fiji July 2015 flyer


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver




Your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is your introduction to diving adventures! You could experience what its like to go deeper, navigate confidently, or even explore a wreck!!

Training is conducted at The Bay of Islands, during our weekend Bay of Islands dive trip. Because we stay overnight you get the luxury of time to complete your theory and 5 training dives.

Option 1 – Group Advanced Open Water Course & Bay of Islands Trip $699

The course price includes all your Theory, 5 Instructor led Adventure dives, manual, all air fills, and PADI certification fees, as well as the trip, accommodation Friday and Saturday and all meals from breakfast Saturday through to lunch Sunday. If you need to hire a full set of dive equipment (BCD, Regs, computer, tanks, wetsuit, boots,fins, mask, snorkel) we can offer this for the 2 day AOW weekend at just $100. Minimum 2 people – Maximum 4 people.

Upcoming dates:
18/19 July
19/20 September
17/18 October
21/22 November
12/13 December

Option 2 – Private Advanced Open Water Course $995

If you would prefer to do a private course with your own instructor, we can design a customised training program to suit your schedule.

You can opt to do your training in a drysuit.
This is only an additional $100 which includes your drysuit & undergarment rental and a pool orientation.


• PADI Open Water certification or equivalent from another training agency

Course Schedule

Divers at the Poor Knights- photo by Andrew Simpson

Divers at the Poor Knights- photo by Andrew Simpson

Your Advanced Open Water dive course is conducted over a series of Knowledge Reviews and your 5 Open Water dives. We require you to read your Advanced Open Water Manual and fill in our 5 selected Adventure Dive Knowledge Reviews prior to the Open Water weekend.

• Saturday & Sunday—Open Water dives at The Bay of Islands

What you need to bring:

• Togs and towel

• Full Dive Equipment

• Signaling device (whistle and/or safety sausage)

• Dive torch

• Transportation

Note: We have dive equipment packages for students enrolled on this course, come in and chat to the team in store.

Diving Fitness and Medical Clearance

Before we can allow you to start your course you will need to provide us with a completed dive medical statement. If this raises any concerns you will need to see your usual GP but you may prefer to see a dive medical specialist who will be more able to discuss with you any issues regarding your diving fitness. You can find all the forms on our website at

Dive Club
Upon completion of your course you will gain membership to the Global Dive Club.
The club holds regular meetings with guest speakers and organizes many local and international dive trips for all experience levels.

Lembeh September 2015

tiger shrimp and ascidian

Indonesia Lembeh September 2015

This was so good last time that we have to go back. A veritable Muppet show of critters to keep you entertained including frogfish, bobbit worms, ghost pipe fish, ambon scorpianfish, blue ring octopus, coconut octopus, mimic octopus, seahorses, pygmy seahorses, pygmy cuttlefish, pygmy squid, nudibranchs, shrimp, carry crabs, urchins, pipe fish, flat worms, squid, squid eggs, dumpling squid, flamboyant cuttlefish, manderinfish, rhinopias, crabs, squat lobsters, gobies, snake eels, anemones, cardinal fish, parrotfish, trigger fish, coral grouper, pufferfish, sea stars, feather stars, stingrays, filefish, razor fish, jaw fish, christmas tree worms, bat fish, wasp fish, lion fish, hawkfish, electric clam, sponges, ascidians, stone fish, cowries, sea cucumbers, dragonets, fire dart fish…….. and about a gazillion others! Not to forget the day walk through the jungle to see the Tarsier monkeys.

Light & Motion Sidekick

Light & Motion Sidekick

With the explosion of Action cameras, in particular the GoPro range; Light & Motion has developed several options for users to improve the lighting that accompanies these cameras.  The latest option is the new Sidekick light, dubbed “The Perfect GoPro Light”. As we come to expect from Light & Motion, these lights are built with Certified Quality […]

Fourth Element Dry-Sac

Fourth Element Dry-Sac

New from Fourth Element are a range of handy dry-sacs. With a roll top closure and waterproof taped seams this range of dry-sacs are ideal for all your dry storage needs. The super light weight design makes these ideal to use inside other bags to separate items in your luggage. Available in 5lt, 15lt, 20lt […]

Beuchat Air Light 2

Beuchat Air Light 2

This travel bag from Beuchat does not compromise on quality. The Beuchat Air Light 2 has plenty of room for all your dive equipment with space left over for all your other travel essentials. Practical travel bag that takes up minimum storage space Weight: 2.65kg Soft roller bag, easily stored in its mesh bag Internal retaining straps […]

Santi E.Lite Drysuit

Santi E.Lite Drysuit

Product Review by Tom Crisp The Santi E.Lite drysuit has been my number one choice for the last five years and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It seems that no matter what I have put the suit through, it still comes out the other side performing flawlessly. Whether it is crawling through […]

Nikon AW130 waterproof Camera

Nikon AW130 waterproof Camera

Every now and then we come across a product that impresses us so much that we have to start stocking them. The Nikon AW130 camera is one of these products. What you first notice is the rugged design, this camera has been designed to take the knocks of an active outdoors user will give it. […]

Aqualung Legend Regulator

Aqualung Legend Regulator

Aqualung Legend review by Andrew Simpson Aqualung have proudly named their top of the range regulator after their founder Jacques-Yves Cousteau, this 2nd generation Legend not only lives up to the name, but takes it to another level of performance and refinement. Global Dive have been running Aqualung Legend LX regulators in our school and rental […]

Scubapro Mk25/G260 Reg

Scubapro Mk25/G260 Reg

The MK25/G260 is a serious reg for serious divers. The air-balanced flow-through piston-style MK25 has consistently ranked as the top-performing first stage on the market. It produces a reliable, low-effort delivery of air, no matter how hard you’re breathing or how deep you’re diving. It features a convenient swivel turret with five high-flow LP ports (high flow […]