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Tara has been trying out the new Fusion Dry Suit and has completed this product review:

Fusion: Drysuit

Over the past month or so, I have been trying out the new Fusion Dry Suit.
And I was so impressed that I treated myself and bought one!

When Andrew first showed me the new suit, I thought it looked and felt like a giant condom!  Quite possibly it could be the sound that it makes whilst putting it on – little did I know how this would work to my benefit later on.
As I was also having a minor leak issue with my current suit so I took both dry suits on the July Three Day White Island trip. I decided to give it a good try out so I jumped in to the suit for the very first dive.

Before I had entered the water, I noticed that the flexibility in the suit was great.

Although it looks a little funny compared to the standard Trilaminate or Neoprene dry suit – yes I did get laughed at a lot – the Fusion is flexible and the ease at which I could pick up and put on fins even with my twin set on meant I could get my own laughs back from time to time.
I’m liking the idea of this as a working suit as often when you are teaching, there is no one there to help you and you need to be ready very very quickly in order to be able to help your students out.

On the first dive in the suit, the major difference I noticed was a slight decline in temperature.
The waters at White Island were pretty comparable to what I had been diving in the weeks previous, however my legs felt cooler.  This can be, and was, remedied quite easily with the addition of another layer or swapping back to my Fourth Element Artic leggings.

During the dive I felt comfortable with good trim.
I had been having a bit of a problem with my left shoulder for a few months and completing twin set gas drills had gotten quite hard.
Even with the telescopic body that I have in my current suit, I needed to tip forward quite a bit to grasp my left post valve.
I did not need to do this in the Fusion – there is just that little bit more flex with the neoprene duo of the super stretch and the standard neoprene.

Chalk another mark up for the flexibility of this suit!

Having been very very very happy with my DUI for three or so years, I wasn’t ready to like another dry suit.
But the reality of being a Dive Instructor – and spending as much time in the water as I do – is that there are some pieces of your equipment that you just cant get too attached to.  And really, a dry suit is one of them.

I totally agree that the Fusion is a very flexible suit.  It is very comfortable to wear both on the boat between dives and in the water.  I like the fact that I can take the neck off and still keep my arms in (no trying to tie it around my waist or stuff the wet arms inside the suspenders).
And as a working suit, I can see that this suit and its design is going to make quite a few tasks a whole lot easier.

The air distribution through the suit promotes good trim.
The outer neoprene layer helps to squeeze the air in an even arrangement around the suit.  I did not feel the collection of air in my ankles even when partially upside down checking out holes for crayfish in the Marine Reserve – the only time I check for them as I cannot be hassled about my lack of hunting skills!

I need to do a weight check to see whether there really is a difference for me and once I download my dive profiles tonight, I will be able to see if there is a difference in my SAC rate to justify the claim that the suit requires less energy.

However, as I mentioned already, I am sold.  My conclusion is that this is a great suit.
I bought a Fusion Dry Suit and spent last weekend in it at the Poor Knights and I loved it.