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We will be heading down to Whakatane to dive the fantastic White Island on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th June 2010.

White Island

Diving White Island

White Island is some 50 kilometres off shore from Whakatane and lies 8km west of the White Island trench which reaches depths of up to 1219 metres.

This fascinating place is brushed by the warm waters of an offshore current and offers exciting dives from pinnacles with 150 metre drop offs to cruisy reef dives.

Underwater vents are a feature of this volcanic area. Several archways and extinct fumaroles make the area most interesting.

Fish life is extremely abundant with massive schools of Blue Mao Mao, Pink Mao Mao, Koheru Demoiselles and many other species including Lord Howe Island Coral Fish, Yellow Banded Perch, Banded Coral Shrimps, Blue Moki, Blue fish, Golden Snapper, different species of Moray eels and many more:

Fauna includes many types of kelps, gorgonians, sponges etc.
Masses of Diadema Urchins can be seen on a pinnacle dive known as Diadema Rock.  Between the beautiful Diadema urchins are a sprinkling of firebrick starfish, cup corals (Flabellum ribrum),
Dead mans fingers (Alcyonium auruntiacum), and soft orange coral, assorted sponges and bryozoans,and a few Ecklonia kelps perched on any bit of rock that sticks out far enough from the vertical cliff faces.

Diving Volkner Rocks

Volkner Rocks lie 5 km to the west of White Island.

John Baker Charters

Our charter operator is the well known John Baker of M.V. Ma Cherie.

Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie is a 13m live aboard and John specialises in overnight trips.

There are places for 6 divers on this fabulous trip.

The trip cost is $825.00 for the 3 days.
This includes accommodation and meals from lunch Friday to lunch Sunday.

Tank fills are $5.00 each.

We will be able to set our own trip itinerary based on the experience of the divers confirmed on the trip.

Tara is leading this trip and will organise accommodation in Whakatane on Thursday night for those who need it.

$150.00 is required to secure your space. Get in quick!